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How to Use Cost of Production Data in Your Farm

Farming, more than many other industries or career paths, often engenders strong emotional ties — to the land, to a family legacy, to a strong work ethic, and to a sense of community.

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New Ways to Create Value from Good Yield Data

Yield data is probably the most foundational metric farmers track today. It allows them to determine if their VR programs are paying off, versus sticking to flat-rate application. And smart farmers know that the more granular they get — tracking yield by farm, by crop, by field, by productivity zone — the more powerful the data becomes.

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The Value of Tracking Herbicide Usage on the Farm

As we move into summer, farmers are juggling many tasks, including scouting and applying pesticide to emerging crops. Half the battle is keeping track of all the information about what's being applied where, and at what cost; the other half is managing the logistics. Factor in equipment readiness, weather conditions and labour...and now things really get interesting.

It can be tempting to throw details out the window and focus on the job at hand. But before that happens, take a few minutes to find out why the time you put in to capture and track herbicide usage is guaranteed to pay off.

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Use Weather Data to Make Smart In-Season Decisions

We all know you can’t fight Mother Nature. But with the right weather and precipitation data flowing directly into your farm management software, maybe you don’t have to.

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How to Maximize the Value of Yield Data: 2-Part Series


“Yield data is one of the most important pieces of data we need to make decisions,” says Jordan Wallace, co-owner of GPS Ontario and Trimble Reseller. “I can use all these different materials or solutions but if I don’t know what my report card says at the end of the year, you can’t use the information to make decisions.”

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How to Maximize the Value of Yield Data: Part 2 Explores Common Questions on Calibration


This is a common myth, but surely there’s always a bit of truth underlying every popular myth.

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Calibration Made Simple in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Pre-Harvest

Any effort you spend prior to harvest making sure your system is working well will be worth it.

First, make sure sensors, cables and GPS receivers are all up and running. In addition, make sure you’ve done any recent updates required for your yield monitoring system.

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Welcome to the Precision Management Mindset

Let the sun shine on your farm's bottom line!

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