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Supplemental Heating: A New Era in On-Farm Grain Storage?

Climate variability and erratic weather patterns are changing the way farmers manage on-farm grain storage.

Climate change and the frequency of extreme global weather variability are wreaking havoc on historic farm practices that are simply not keeping up. While there was a time when extreme weather hampered crops every 10 or 20 years, now it can be as often as every two or three.

As what used to be rare becomes more the norm, farmers need to change the way they think about on-farm grain storage, says a prominent Canadian agriculture researcher. And the answer may lie in supplemental heating.

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Will Blockchain Transform Agriculture?

Blockchain is the latest buzzword in many business sectors today, and agriculture is no exception. A transparent and secure digital ledger system that allows two parties to conduct a transaction without the need for a trusted intermediary, blockchain captured headlines as the digital backbone of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.
In recent months it has gained further attention as businesses explore ways to leverage blockchain technology to save money, improve transparency and reduce human error.

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