Prakash Iyer

Prakash Iyer
This article was written by the AgAdvance editorial staff in conjunction with Prakash Iyer, the Senior Vice President of Software Architecture and Strategy at Trimble. In the recent past he was the President/COO for the VSS division (a software joint venture between Caterpillar and Trimble) managing an internationally distributed team. Prakash works on initiatives that are critical to Trimbles software strategy providing leadership to software focused development activities. His current focus areas are Blockchain, Cloud, IoT(Internet of Things) and leading the technical due diligence on strategic acquisitions. Prior to Trimble, Prakash was the CTO and SVP of Products at @Road, a leader in Telematics/MRM solution which was acquired by Trimble. Prakash also co-founded Everypath, Inc., which pioneered the concept of Enterprise Mobile Task Automation in the early days of mobile computing. Prakash holds a Master of Science degree and completed the Executive Management Program from the Harvard Business School.

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