Water Management from Concept to Completion

Trimble offers a complete line of grade control and drainage systems. These rugged systems are easy to use, fully upgradeable and flexible enough to meet a wide range of requirements. Gain a competitive edge and streamline your operations with Trimble, the company that invented lasers and grade control.

FieldLevel II System

The Trimble® FieldLevel™ II system streamlines the surveying, designing, and leveling steps required for land leveling projects.
  •   Efficiently distribute water by maintaining grade
  •   Improve yields by controlling excess water
  •   Minimize water costs and improve farm productivity






WM-Drain Solution

The Trimble® WM-Drain® farm drainage solution is a concept to completion toolset that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage.
  • Software for analysis and optimal 3D drainage design
  • T3™ Enhanced Terrain Compensation Technology for roll
    corrected 3D positioning
  • Wireless data transfer between the farm office, vehicles,
    and workers in the field



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