Vehicle Data Transfer Guide

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It keeps getting easier to see, use, and share more of your precision ag data with Trimble Ag SoftwareCheck out the following chart for options on wireless data transfers, USB data transfers, vehicle-to-vehicle data transfers (vehicle sync), and fleet tracking:

Agriculture Vehicle Data Transfer

1 Farmer Pro and Farmer Pro bundles include a certain number of vehicle connections; additional connections may be required.
2 Cellular data plan from Trimble is not necessary.
3 The DCM-300 modem is out of production but has Wi-Fi capability and Vehicle Sync compatibility.  
4 The Wi-Fi dongle operates with the TMX-2050 display through the user’s Wi-Fi hotspot such as a cell phone and is subject to typical cell phone interruptions like inbound phone calls. View the TMX-2050 support bulletin for model compatibility and more info.
5 Log in to the web application and go to Farm / Equipment Data Transfer / API Connections for current partners list. Requirements above describe how growers access data through Trimble’s cloud and omits the requirements between grower’s equipment and the API partner’s cloud.
6 FarmStream is an advanced productivity tool within Trimble Ag Software that can be turned on or off from Trimble displays. Learn more in the Fleet Management User Guide.
7 Cabling requirements excluded from this table. Refer to Trimble reseller portal for cabling diagrams.
8 GFX-750 Functionality requires v1.1.1 or higher.
9 CFX-750 Functionality requires v7.0.0 or higher.
10 FarmStream has limited functionality when used with the PIQ app. It does not display CAN data from the vehicle. Refer to the FarmStream Setup Guide.

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Updated: 11/16/17