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Trimble Ag Customer Rebate Program

Are you concerned about the impact trade disputes and tariffs will have on your end of year purchasing? You’re not alone. With equipment prices on the rise and commodity prices falling, it’s no secret that these effects will be felt far and wide throughout the agricultural community. 

Trimble’s Trade AND Aid program aims to provide timely relief in these times of uncertainty. For a limited time only, Trimble Agriculture is offering customers the best of both worlds by bringing trade and aid together to help farmers upgrade their fleet at prices that can’t be beat.

How It Works

  • Trade up old legacy and/or competitor displays and save on accuracy licenses with new purchases of Trimble displays, the TMX-2050 and GFX-750.
  • Earn cash back with discounts as high as 45% off original list price when buying select Trimble products.

Regardless of the country in which you reside, the brand of equipment you run, or the crops you produce, Trimble has a solution for everyone. End the 2018 growing season on a high note by reaping HUGE SAVINGS through Trimble’s customer rebate and discount program.

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Don’t Miss Out! In order to apply for the rebate, customers must purchase qualifying Trimble products between 15 October 2018 and 21 December 2018, and submit their rebate request via our online portal before 1 January 2019. Our trade-up offering ends 28 December 2018.

Ready to Claim Your Savings?


Out with the old, in with the new.

Trade in your old display & upgrade to the best of Trimble’s Android-based display systems.

GFX-750 Display System

10″ (25.6 cm) high-definition touch-screen guidance display and NAV-900 roof-mounted guidance controller

Messy Cab? Go clutter-free with the GFX-750 Display System. 

TMX-2050  Display System

Large 12.1” (30.8 cm) high-definition touch screen guidance display with sharp visuals and a bigger, clearer image.

Go Big or Go Home. Unlock advanced features with the TMX.  
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Take advantage of dual savings today by upgrading to the TMX-2050 or the GFX-750 display system, and start exploring the enhanced FMX+ and Precision-IQ™ License features currently eligible for the customer rebate program.

ACT FAST! The Trade-up offer is only valid until 28 December 2018.

Learn more about your display trade-up options today by contacting your local Trimble reseller.

Rebates You Won’t Debate

See Official Program Rules for full list of products eligible for the rebate program.

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    Trimble’s got a deal for you! This rebate offering combined with existing trade programs make right now the best time to trade in older displays. Trade in your used legacy or competitor display and save $1,000 + up to 100% on accuracy licenses when you upgrade your fleet with Trimble’s flagship display, the TMX-2050.

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    If you desire basic precision ag functionality for fields that require lower-accuracy corrections, now is the best time to begin adding to your operation with Trimble EZ-Products.

    The Trimble® EZ-Guide® 250 system is an entry-level display providing high-quality guidance capabilities at an entry-level price. Functionality includes guidance and mapping, USB data transfer, and farm management software compatibility.

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    If you require specific features of the Trimble® FmX® Plus application in order to use value-added features like Trimble’s Water Management, Yield Monitoring or True Tracker solutions, now is the best time to upgrade to the TMX-2050™ display! Get up to $2,000 off your next Trimble guidance system by purchasing your new display before December 21, 2018.

    With FmX Plus, you can perform:

    • Seed, Liquid, Granular, and Anhydrous Ammonia rate and section control
    • Variable rate and prescription mapping control
    • Seed singulation and blockage monitoring
    • Yield Monitoring
    • Variety Tracking
    • Field feature definition and mapping
    • Guidance and steering to predefined field patterns
    • Logging of coverage data
    • Logging of topographic data
    • Drainage and Land Forming Control
    • Implement steering

    But Wait! There’s more. FmX Plus has a variety of other features available to expand its functionality. Learn more via the FMX+ user guide (See pages 53-54).

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    For a limited time only, customers can now unlock the advanced steering features of a Trimble display at a discounted rate by adding NextSwath™ end-of-row turn technology, an automated headland turning feature that can be fitted on newer and older machines. Add NextSwath to your TMX-2050 and the GFX-750 display system today and save up to $700!

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    The FmX Plus field application has a number of optional features / plugins you can install to expand its functionality, but most of these features require additional hardware.

    Example scenarios:

    • Add Dual or Tandem control to Water Management
    • Add True Tracker to an existing Autopilot installation

    Learn more via the FMX+ user guide (See pages 53-54).

Trimble Trade + Aid Tractors Angled

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For more information on the Trade and Aid Customer Rebate Program please contact your local reseller, or refer to the official program rules.

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