A higher level of soil data is now available with Trimble’s Soil Information System™ (SIS) solution. Armed with more detailed and accurate soil information and soil maps, here are a few examples of how our customers are using this data:

  • Making critical soil and farm management decisions with irrigation, drainage, fertility and amendment applications
  • Saving time and operating costs by using soil variability to target precise sampling locations, sometimes reducing the number of samples taken by 60% over traditional sampling methods
  • Improving input application by showing where they need to be applied to maximize plant growth
  • Making better soil management decisions with irrigation, drainage, and fertility data
  • Maximizing plant growth using soil information from variable rate application maps

The process is simple:

  1. A Trimble reseller brings the SIS equipment to the farm to collect samples
  2. The data is processed and given back to the farmer
  3. The farmer and/or trusted advisor uses the data to execute a plan