Why upgrade your farm software to Farmer Pro?

  • Save time by seeing what is happening across the farm sooner on your phone and by shortening your end-of-the-day to-do list at the office.

  • Save the headache of learning a new software with a free, two-hour Personal Software Training session with a Trimble personal software trainer (a $300 value)*.

  • Save the day by having the software do more work for you throughout the day, freeing up time to start a new cost-reduction or marketing project.

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Need more convincing? Check out the top 2 benefits of Farmer Pro below.

Superior Mobile App
  • Trimble Ag Mobile allows farmers to input — and access — field records and activities in real-time, eliminating the need to write down and enter field information into your computer at the end of the day. Our mobile, online and desktop platforms sync automatically so no matter how you’re entering the information, you only have to do it once.

  • Have all the data needed to make quick decisions that drive profitability right at your fingertips. Use our mobile app for field records, receive field re-entry alerts, improve fleet tracking, simplify scouting and eliminate timely steps in soil sampling.

On-Farm Technology Integration Made Easy
  • By upgrading to Farmer Pro you will see significant, immediate improvements in field data syncing. Farmer Pro connects the majority of your farm’s field records across desktop, online and mobile platforms – drastically reducing time spent in front of your computer entering data from notebooks.

  • Trimble Ag Software has data sharing agreements with key farm equipment retailers. By following a few quick steps, TAS will begin integrating data coming in from different sources so it all ends up in one central location that can be accessed by desktop, online or mobile devices, 24/7.


*Complimentary two-hour training sessions are for customers in North America only and are not available to Farmer Pro or Farmer Pro Plus demos, trial accounts, or accounts through AGRI-TREND Coaches. This is a one-time offer per new account. Offer expires 60 days after purchase. Contact us via the form above to learn more.