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Welcome to the Trimble Connected Farm, our unified suite of precision ag applications covering all aspects of modern agriculture management, including hardware, software, data analytics and GPS correction services.

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Guidance and steering systems for all types of equipment


Data analytics to improve productivity

GPS Correction Services

High-precision GNSS positioning better than 2.5 cm

What Value Does the Trimble Connected Farm Bring to Farmers?

1 Simplicity & Interoperability

Trimble’s Connected Farm makes production agriculture easier and more effective right from the start. Our systems help you connect all the equipment on your farm, generating stronger results across all aspects of your operation.

2 Reliability

Trimble is a global technology leader with a 40-year history in agriculture. We understand that successful farmers turn to precision ag solutions to maximize yields and achieve profitability, so we commit to engineering excellent products to meet your needs for years to come.

3 Efficiency

Save time and hassle with farm data shared automatically across all your devices in real time. No more dual entry, human error, or USB wrangling. Accurately monitor and map field information with Trimble guidance displays while completing applications quickly and efficiently. And with Trimble Positioning Services, you get global reach with local support.

4 Accuracy

A pioneer in machine guidance with 20 years of experience in the field, Trimble Correction Services offers satellite and cellular-delivered positioning for precision agriculture. Higher accuracy delivers tighter lines and reduced input cost, resulting in higher crop yields.

5 Increased Productivity and Proven ROI

Trimble’s innovative, user-friendly precision ag technology solutions connect your entire operation so you can make data-driven decisions in real time that drive your bottom line.

Automated Agriculture

Trimble’s Connected Farm is transforming the way farming works around the world. It’s an integrated farm management system that saves growers time and money, while reducing the complex technology headaches that can stall operations. By connecting your farm with Trimble's on-board guidance displays and mobile ag software, generating usable data throughout the crop season becomes automatic, streamlined and easy.

With this seamless integration, farmers can produce the application maps, reports, and field records needed for government audits and food traceability requirements that are increasingly requested in farming today.

Global Distribution Network

Partner with a global reseller network of precision agriculture experts

Trimble distributors around the world provide expert advice and seamless implementation of precision ag technology to maximize farm efficiency and productivity through the full range of integrated Trimble Agriculture hardware, software and data solutions.

The Trimble Advantage

  • Alleviates the stress and time constraints caused by trying to coordinate multiple vendors
  • Local sales, service and support of Trimble products and solutions
  • Skilled in combining agronomic recommendations with precision agriculture technology
  • Streamlined integration of all your precision ag hardware, data, software and services
  • Single source of expert, personalized precision agriculture consultation
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